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WIZ KHALIFA - Go Hard Or Go Home Pt 2 Lyrics

Ft. French Montana, Trey Songz & Ty Dolla $ign

(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)
I feel like the sky is fallinÂ’ down, ainÂ’t nobody here to play around
Push it to the edge I wonÂ’t back down
Cuz itÂ’s time to go hard or go home
One way out no way out
I give it all, all for the family
We stay up, no bails ups
Give it all, all for the family, family, family

(Verse: French Montana)
Started from the bottom with a dream
Started with a thought then I went and got a team up
All we had was hope, now you see the whole team hot
Pull up in a boat, jumped in a Rolls peel-out
Montana, I'm in that third lane, first of the third men
Stuck like Bird Man, pull up like Errrr Man
Err man to go, 2 strip is naked, gettin' turnt up like new year Vegas
You 14 days, 2 week, I flew 14 planes in 2 weeks
Ole' white grave, lookin' like a tank
Got the whole team with me, we come up with that pain


(Verse 2: Trey Songz)
That blood just make us relate
I know you got some cousins that be hatin'
We hate who? That I can't relate to
Bohmer 1 family, but I meant to
They say when you gettin' all this money, it can change you
But when you be gettin' all this money, can they blame you?
Dammit, could they change you, I would just stay the same you
Change is the only thang that'll neva change
DonÂ’t nobody hold it that body down like Tremaine do
Judge like my dog out the pound told ‘em thank you
IÂ’dda gave cars to my partners, watches
Kids start to whip when I dip thru the projects
Hanging out the side, give ‘em money out my ride
Aye boy your fingers dirty, donÂ’t be touching all inside
Ya know I'm from round the way, tell yo momma I said hi
Chase yo dreams until you die, neva sike up on yo grind


(Verse 3: Ty Dolla Sign)
Do it for the family, goin' mani' in the whip
That's insanity, when I high drop, plan it out, gravity
Doin' doughnuts in the street like I'm crispy cream
Swervin', dippin' thru' the city with the top off
Showin' titties, all my bad with me, real niggas with me
All my cars got wood and leather in 'em
Forgiatto sures, Lamborghini doors
100 racks on the sevi regi gone those
Do it for the squad, I'mma do my job (there ya go)
Goin' straight for the top!


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