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Yo Gotti - Set The Record Straight Lyrics

To Set The Record Straight
I don't real estate
When the pain fall, ye ain't neva late
Yea, fucked her twice, but we ain't neva date (foreal)
Got a spaz and you hella late (ha)
Gap balls like a jail cell
Thot bitch, you a trin fail
Woke up in ek
I want my money ak like it's drug sell (lemme get it)
Fuck the mayor and the keys to the city
Cuz I got keys in the hemmy
They don't really hear me
They don't really feel me
Yeah, I got a plug, boy
I can get tinted
I'm gonna see out, I can get shit so
Muhfuckin' green like a green bay packet
I was sellin' that allowance, oh, I was sellin' that allowance
Driveway look like a loss
I was in the White House, nigga, there's a white house
Look like a muthafuckin' wife at his house
Just met yo bitch and I fucked 'er the night after
Gangsta on the internet, you thuggin' on Apple
You the type o' nigga talk bad on the comin'
Only type o' nigga seein' person that sloppy
Bang bang, bang bang bang
Nigga, that's the sun of a gun
Bitch betta run! Swear the flow so stupid
I swear the boy so coupe shit
These niggas so groupie
Tell the pussy keep it movin'
I swear the floor so stupid
Oh the boy so coof shit
Any nigga so groupie
Nigga, don't shake my hand, you move it
I said all the hustlers come down
Yeah, my nigga with the pack the hood jumped up
That poor lil plan the hood, dump it all
I ain't even gotta call the hood, come y'all

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