K.A.A.N - Lonely Lyrics

I am fatigued! I'm giving my all with the music
People do not recognize the passion I have for the craft
the effort I'm given with every line that I write, it's ridiculous
Life is affecting my content, and all of this that's ascent on my conscience
Insecurities that I am possessive, why is my depth causing a tension?
I am afflicted! Think about the life that I've chosen
The path of the young nigga movin' on
I been down and out, cuz I been lookin' fo' the answer
But never really had no questions, I'm betting im accepted
I'm getting sick and tired of rejection
I said I can't deal with the nonsense
Hang bang constant, I wish I wasn't this depressed
So I can deal with the stress, I feel it all times
Undebated, what if I come anew as a kid?
I'm hopin' there's a weed nigga
So I can take a D to the depths of your soul
But the list of my goals that I can never attain
But you would take it in vain, I'd try to explain
Been givin' you my pain
Take a listen to the record and tell me im insane
The way that I been raised, I swear I been trained
Prepared to be alone, infinite I can atone
I been lookin' fo' the mean of the life
With the voice in my head, tryna get it all right
I can never get a light when I felt that I needed it
Preceded with my genius
concieving this demeanor shit
You will repent, the pain will end
In the second that I nigga picked up the pen
I guess it all depends up in the mood that I'm in
In a mind-state in which I don't write this

Put in my time is
I redefine with the means
Demanded for my dedication
you never related, relay on my pen
And my passages
written on pages and reaching for sentences
The sentence to save you
I give 'em the truth, and it's never debated
Degraded by hatred, then given your ignorant comment
The sea full of accomplish, the reason my level's abolished

Look! I'm writing a story that you couldn't fathom
Ew! I'm giving a vision that you can't imagine
Yea! Do I wanna live is the question that I have been askin'
All of the pain that I put in my lyrics
I wonder can anybody really grasp it, Lawd!
Eh! You wonderin' what is my thesis
Eh! You wonderin' what is my thesis
Eh! You wonderin' what is my thesis
Why am I lonely when people are phony
I feel like I needed someone to believe in, Lawd!

Thanks to deez for correcting these lyrics

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