Styles P - My Party Lyrics

This is my part, I’m bout to do the most here
This is my party, I’m actin’ like the whores in
This is my party, I got all my fox in
This is myy party x 3
This is my part, I’m bout to do the most hits
This is my party, I ball here and smoke here
This sis my party, I’m bout to make a toast here
This is my part x 3

TMS levels off the reapture, God get strain , shoulda load it in description
Lookin’ in th ball, it’s a hell of a mixure
Thought it was the main bitch, uh it’s her assistant
She was just lain here, I pick her up and twist her
Somebody’s here, put my weed down mister
This is my party, I can do the most here
Who the fuck invite you? Shit I’m the host here
Excuse my french but I think they clain in french
I think I smell sawwer, that’s a hell of a snitch
This is my party, glop close and feedin’
Dancin’ like bang and told you that you should be there


Thank y’all for comin’ out
It’s all on me so the drinks ain’t runnin’ out
Spach Jam pock but it’s just right
Tonight looks like it’s gonna be one of them haze and cush nights
Yeah I'm doin Jag shots, avoidin the snapshots
I ain't tryin to take flicks, lookin for back shots
P O L O down, bucks on with the ascot
All from the sponsors, imagine what the cash got
You ain’t sure of tommrow, this can be your last thought
On the dance floor, get all some with with that shut
And I ain’t tryin’ to front nigga but I can do whatever I want nigga


So fresh and so clean like I’m ElFast
Local magazine just the waz in the scal back
And I got the dead brick, never did to that bitch
I speak and these bitches repead like this an adverb
Drink, smoke then I repeat
Call my man up on the phone, we got it madly, we listenin’
So freak caught that ass all out, so they could kissin’ it
Girls caught up in the air some nigga pift to me
Then I put the phone to the crawd, tell to listen it
Then I put the phone back the, told to vision it
Say he’ll be here in a minute
Could I get a minute
This is my party my nigga
I get you spread in here


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