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R. Kelly - Backyard Party Lyrics

Everyone's happy
Finally, it's the week-end
All the hard work's behind me
And I just invited all my friends
I'm bout to throw something on the grill
And get together and play some cards
A couple of drinks, something to smoke
And do our thing
No-one's got hating in their hearts

A backyard party
A backyard party
We're just having
A backyard party

(Verse 2)
Oh, I thank god it's summer
Cause it feels so good to be outside
And the music sounds like heaven
Make me want to grab my towel and wipe off my ride
First I'mma throw something on the grill
And then mingle with the girls
And I wish that they could feel this celebration
All around the world, hey hey


Even if it looks like rain
I'm leaving, joy's gonna chase the rain away
Cause we're gonna take some shots
And just hope for a brighter day
I feel like yeah! I feel like whoa!
I feel like yeah! I feel like whoa!
All we're doing is having


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