Conquer Divide - Nightmares Lyrics

You're like a deer in the headlights
What I said u didn't want to believe
You're so inane and misguided
U won't get the best of me
Well I can't help that it's not worth it
U had ur chance and u missed out
U couldn't change me and don't mistake me
I'm not someone who will back down
Last night I saw that ur intentions were relentless
What makes u think I won't fight back?
I'm outstretched, but you're outmatched!
So here we are, make ur move
But u don't have what it takes
I'm on the edge and I don't care
I neva said that I'd fight fair
I'm awaitin' the next provocation
It's not me, u just luv the fixation

U could break me in every way
U could bring me right to my knees
By the time u count to three
I'll be standing on my own two feet
You're the nightmare that's chasing me
U could tear away all my dreams
I'll show u what it means to scream
When I'm standin' on my own two feet
My own two feet

(Verse 2)
The skies disguised like U with all ur charm
Till lightenin' hits the ground
I can't believe you thought I'd save you
When you'd just let me drown
Wake up cause you're not listenin'
Tell me what it is that you fail to see
I won't let you destroy this
You're just a self fulfillin' prophecy


Is that all you've got?
Try to bring me down, let's see how far u get
Just walk away, you're too lil too late
And that was your last mistake
U can't take away part of me, my dreams
Ur voice meaningless
I'm what you'll neva be
You're not what I made up
A figment of a dream
U said you'd bring me to my knees
These foot prints in the ground
No I'm neva falling down
When will u see
(These footprints in the ground)
I'm done playing these games, screaming in vain
(No I'm neva fallin')
Waitin' for u to hear me


You're the nightmare chasing me
A figment of a dream
You're not what I made up
U said you'd bring me to my knees
Now I'm standin' on my feet

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