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DRAKE - Charged Up (Meek Mill Diss) Lyrics

I’m so sorry
Did ya hope I was cryin'?
It was rough without ya
It was rough without ya

I did sum' charity today for the kids
But I'm used to it cause all y'all charity cases
All y’all stare in my face in hopes ya could be the replacement
Niggas snitchin' on us without no interrogation
I stay silent cause we at war and I’m very patient
Six God is watchin', I just hope you’re prepared to face him
I’m charged up, I’m charged up

Wow, I’m honored that ya think this is staged
I’m flattered man, in fact, I’m amazed
The perfect start to the summer, man this shit is a doozy
This shit the twist in the movie but don't jump to conclusions
Ya boys are gettin' into yo feelings on me
Ya should embrace it, this could be one of our realest moments
Okay the flow start to feel familiar, don’t it?
Must I remind ya that Jimmy got twenty million on it
Need DJ Clue to drop a bomb on it
None of them want this shit more than I want it
I seen it all comin', knew they were pushin' buttons
Easter egg huntin', they got to look for sumethin'
Done doing favors for people
Cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature
I see ya niggas havin' trouble goin' gold
Turnin' into sum' so and so’s that no one knows
But so it go
Come and live all yo dreams out at OVO
We goin' to make sure ya get yo bread and ya know the ropes
I get a ring and I bring it home like I’m Corey Joe
No woman eva had me star struck
Or was able to tell me to get my bars up
I’m charged up
Oh no we eatin', niggas ain’t about to starve us
Nah, niggas ain't about to starve us
I'm charged up

(Verse 2)
I bought my niggas rollies off of Thank Me Later
While these boys was stanky legging
Trust me this information is vital
I’m trying to take the high road
I still got luv for my idols
I got me a deal with Apple and I still feel entitled
Rumor has it, there’s sumething that only I know
Rumor has it, I steer this shit with my eyes closed
Rumor has it, I either fucked her or I neva could
But rumor has it, hasn’t done ya niggas any good
It’s sound, sound, sound till the day I die
We going live to keep this shit alive
Cops are killing people with their arms up
And yo main focus is tryin' to harm us?
And ya think ya bout to starve us?
Niggas ain’t about to starve us
Nah, I’m charged up

Have ya seen me?
I’m doing so good
Every time I leave
Oh, I’m so sorry (six)

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