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Sean Kingston - Speaking In Tongues Lyrics

ThereÂ’s some things I wanna do to your body baby
We can do it, tonight is on
I roll wide like me, me will drive you crazy
[IÂ’mma have you speakinÂ’ in tongues
Showty you gonna say
La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la] x 2
IÂ’mma have you speakinÂ’ in tongues

ItÂ’s a lie on my mind
Most of ‘em been thinkin’ that I should do with you
All I need is one night, I guarantee itÂ’s fine in 2

(Pre Hook)
We can move fast or we can move slow
Now it donÂ’t matter to me
I just need to hear you get vocal
Do you forget how to speak?


Roll inside, close the door
We donÂ’t have to say anymore
Let your body
Do your target, and show me all the secrets you hold

(Pre Hook) + (Hook)

Wanna hear what you sound like
I wanna hear what you sound like
YouÂ’re like doinÂ’ all night
Ooh, ooh
I wanna hear what your sound like
Ooh, ooh, ooh,



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