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The Game - Everybody On The Floor Lyrics

Ft. Migos

(Hook x2)
Fuck up sum' money sum' mo'
I'm all in the club wit your hoe
Bad bitches on the pole
All this money on the floor, money!
Errybody on the floor (x4)

(Verse: Quavo)
Quavo! Yeah, it's Migos and Game in the club, nigga
Order up a whole dub, nigga, if you're broke I can't fuck wit yah
No way! Broke nigga, only real niggas in my section
Thank the Lord fo' my blessings, I'm drippin' dab, salad dressing
When I'm in L.A. I feel like Blake Griffin
Shout out to my trap, niggas in the kitchen
You came in wit your bitch, now you say she missin' (where?)
QC the label and we independent, Quavo the lieutenant
Look up in the air, it's a money shower
Look down at my Rollie, can't tell the hour
My diamonds so wet, think I need a towel
I'm trappin' a bomb like the Twin Towers
When you get money, it come wit the power
Young nigga came from havin' the sour, 3 hoes in the shower
Beat it, I kill it, call me Michael Myers


(Verse 2: Takeoff)
Fuck up sum' money sum' mo'
In the club spillin' Actavis all on my Louboutin toe
Young Rich Nation that's the clothing
Young nigga run up a check like Usain Bolt
My wrist spinnin' in the pot like a merry go
I got the game in the walls of Jericho
You niggas rookies and I'm a professional
Now roll up a Backwood and stuff it wit cookie dough
Hop out that Bentley, I'm rich
And diamonds dancin' soon as a nigga hit the door
Show out the money like a coin toss
I bet the bitches goin' to hit the floor
My niggas, their t.h.o.t.s. and they ball like chico
Went to Puerto Rico, plug name Rico
It's my way, my nigga, but no Carlito
Niggas try to bite the swag and I'ma take it back like repo
We put that flow in the industry
You niggas know and you betta remember me
I hear y'all bitch ass niggas gossipin'
Just call me Elmo cuz y'all niggas tickle me
All these diamonds look refrigerated
It costs 30 thousand just to look at me
Drinkin' Actavis, I put a pint off in a can, now we call that oil sheen


(Verse 3: Game)
Used to get my chickens from Tijuana so I been fucking wit amigos
Yeah nigga it’s killing season, I’m paid in full, I’m rico
They tryna hit me wit the R.I.C.O, but I’m lowkey wit them kilos
That 8-Ball fat as Cee-Lo till they barged in like Chico
They ain’t find shit but Nemo, had to take a break like free throws
You ain’t get your dick sucked today, that’s no neck, Benzino
Left eye in that peephole, got me sipping all on this Clicquot
Niggas sell they d-bone, put the Glock nine in your ego
Yeah I grew up whipping the baking soda
Had to shave an onion just to make my quota
I was playing ball, knocked out a cop
Can’t talk about it cuz the case is open
Business a game till the rape is open
Two desert Eagles, that’s chain smoking
Yeah, niggas bark like niggas hard
But want to sue a nigga when his face swollen
On my own I’m too legit, Maserati wit the kick
I got 20-20 vision, I see diamonds on my wrist
I see mami wit the shit, and she pop it while she strip
Errybody taking shots, I’m too caught up on a strip, nigga


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