Virgin Steele - Devilhead Lyrics

Oh they, ain’t see the sunrise
It’s on tan on blue flame
I win like the wind’s comes on way dock
Sitter all in this, home will arrange
The kiss of all the doubt can’t be retard
Still will blow and rise
Profess ain’t really, slap from a chop
Won’t it a curse, want a rise bloud
I will in you to try
Laze on the sunrise mont in blue pain
Lye in the wind somewhere on doc
To beat one or another,
Never had worst of blue song
That will have worst of blue side
That’s something
Why, why?
Why beat all from the valley?
This when all nights arrive
So look here, it will fall like
Ooh, why I’m almost cost here
Blow your soul, I’ll search
You’ll not betrayed
Never had worst you could saw x 2


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