Virgin Steele - Persephone Lyrics

Danger comes from below
Cloven darkness clears

Flow in, falling, the light of mountains
Through the scenes spread
Eloping, enlightening, mount in darkness
Under world, now, seasons chose to die in enclosure
Over clover of the moment, down and right here!
Moaning, summer's crying for the new Medusa
Treason, seas in torment inside her

I will not bow to the sunrise
I will not bow to the sea
I will not bow to the moon
Let it first bow down to me
I will not welcome to the dead ones
I will not answer debris
I'd rather die every amen
Till you've really forsaken me

(Verse 2)
Blinding like a diamond
Storm begins now
Waring with the truth of the follow crumbs
King of doubt, lights, killing through a distant horizon



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