Skepta - Back Then Lyrics

Back then hoes didn't want me
See me on the magazine cover
And they're all on me
The sun goes down
These skets wanna call on me
They can see that I make paper
My last mixtape was a game changer
And now I got these hoes on my iPhone
Talkin' about, "Hey stranger"
I just double tap
Switch apps
Ain't nobody got time for that
Jump on the plane and I kick back
This plane that I'm on got Wi-Fi
Run up your mouth online
Get a bitchslap
Cause man don't do that tit for tat
Don't wanna tweet
Don't wanna talk
Don't wanna interact with you

I can't take these niggas
Who the fuck raised these niggas?
Don't know a thing about workin' hard
Nobody gonna employ or pay these niggas
Yes I come from the streets
But still man is trying to make them Jay Z figures
And like Lukey said,
"Trust me, failure's not an option"
Straight out of London, Tottenham
I get love from Houston to Compton
From Vancouver to Boston
Give me the mic, I shut down
No problem
Treatin' shows of 25 people the same as 25 thousand
That's why I'm on a worldwide tour
And I ain't even dropped my album
I never saw this comin'
When I was in the hood, stressed out, bunnin'
I had a strap on my lap thinkin' about enemies I wanna put one in

Now I don't care what niggas say
I've got girls down under tellin' me that I'm on Triple J
All my niggaz on the rise, man
It's a sad time for the KKK
They're trying to work out what's happenin'
David Cameron on the phone to Obama
Man are shakin' and panickin'
When they see the Shutdown Shoreditch gatherin'
Come off my TV,
All they do is stand up and pose like mannequins
I put my voting card in a black bin and I dash that like javelin


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