Cam'Ron - Fuckin Hater Lyrics

Ft. Sen City

I'm gettin' money, don't need you, bitch
Hangovers, weekend shit, ain't thinkin' about you
Still want my dick, look at my new bitch
You feelin' it, what a shame, why you mad at 'er?
When you to blame, stop starin' at her
Wanna see me hurtin', wanna get me fucked up
Shit, that ain't workin', you got me fucked up

Cold rubber, I can make hurts too
You'll read about 'em, deja-vu
Stop playin' with me, you bein' petty
Gave you the same, you wasn't ready
What was you thinkin'? You feelin' stupid
In anotha nigga face, I fuckin' knew it
You said fuck 'em, then I said fuck it
Come get yo shit and no, you can't suck it
Hang up the phone, I'll call you later
Oh, now she ugly, you fuckin' hater!
You a fuckin' hater!
Can't lie, you fuckin' hater!

When I hit her up with this tazer
When I cut her face with my razor
What you mad at girl, these 20 acres?
Forgot I'm handsome and a money maker
Where the cash at? I flash that
Where the money take ya?
A fat bitch with no underclothes
And a bum galore, with no money maker
Gold cases, no dummy chasin'
Ya funny facin', honey buggin'
I'm from money makin', yeah, money makin'
You hurt, girl, I see you tummy achin'
I know her role, no touchin' sybillin
I apologize, yeah, I'm a gentlemen
But key my car makes the adrenaline
I'm at the bar, taking nine shots, many men
One thing you know, don't touch my property
We'll beat yo ass, ________(?) stopping me
I heard yo brother thinkin' bout boxin'
Porsche 911 only thing Boxin' me

Cold rubber, I can make hurts too
You'll read about 'em, daily news
New York post, news 1
Get me my money or your damage, chose one!

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