David Banner - My Uzi Lyrics

My Uzi weigh a ton
I'm ballin'
Ain't got no bodyguards
I just need my regards

I swear on Mama Lena soul
My grand mama that old code
That Mississippi that dirt road
This barefoot that bare soul
I bear the load oh
Solo, by myself
Dolo, Frodo from uh
Lord of The Rings
So I guess I have to bear it alone
My precious won’t leave me
I don’t need platinum I don’t need gold
All I need is an Uzi and a clip to load
This one mic this Jordan flow
Tryin' not to wear Jordan’s Clothes
These kids are dyin', Jordan knows
Nike too, Vanport
Portland, they blew it up
Black commerce they chewed it up
Chewed it up, spit it out
That’s the kind of shit I’m tryna spit about
Lash Laws, pile of tricks
Politics is a pile of shit

(Hook break)
I am gettin' real close now i’m smellin' it
I’m inhalin' it
(Inhalin' it, Inhalin' it)
My uzi My Uzi
My uzi (I’m smellin' it)
My Uzi (ya lied)

(Verse 2: Big KRIT)
UH! My Uzi weigh a ton
Pray to God I stay protected
High alert, I see jackers on the creep in my reflection
Lord, ain’t nothin' been promised lately
Police out here actin' crazy
Shootin' up black folks left and right
People out here die every night
Mama worried about me all the time becuz I’m grindin'
Tryna make a move becuz the government don’t give a fuck about poor folk
Out here payin' dues tryin' keep the food on my table
My family fed and my mind right
And an attitude adjuster just in case a muthafucka wants to take my limelight
I got a hundred round drum, if you’re talkin' about rope around here
Or that KKK shit make it where yo Klan can’t come down here
Partner fuck that
I’ve been on one since they killed Mike
And the jury hollerin' not guilty
Folk, I put my faith in God becuz that’s all I know
And this Uzi

My Uzie weigh a ton I bought a
(I got a hundred round drum)
My Uzie weigh a ton I bought a
(where the Klan can’t come down here)
My Uzi, My Uzi
I’ve been on one since they killed Mike
And the jury hollerin' not guilty
Folk, I put my faith in God becuz that’s all I know
And this Uzi

(Verse 3)
And my shoulder hold a AK that holds enough shots
Let enough cops know that I ain't goin' out without a fight
This city will be burned down by the night
Yeah I be Raven about Baltimore, talkin' about takin' shit out of the store
My desert eagle, my people protector, ya step in my sector you’ve got to go
Pick him up off the floor pig, it's ya or its me
This is for the black skin so what's happenin' homie fuck what ya see on TV
You’re goin' to see they say this shit is about black and white
All this shit is pretty Freddie Gray
Swings and see-saws, rusty in the Sipp
Trust me pimp we don't neva play
This is everyday, I’m quite cheap
No nice cars, just nice beats
My lil revolver my problem solver
Put sum' red holes in them white sheets
And I might preach with this Glock 40
Respect mine with this Tec9
Gave my old lady a lil 380 but it jams easy, let me check mine
(my Uzi weigh a ton)
Heavy as all the shit that they done done UH!
(My Uzi weigh a ton)
And I’m goin' to tote this shit until I'm done (my Uzi)
I’m on the run and I can't sleep
(my Uzi)
My food poison, I can't eat
(my Uzi)
I can't break, I ain't fake
(my Uzi)
My breath is sumethin' that ya cannot take

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