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French Montana - Lose It (Gucci Mane) Lyrics

(Produced by Kanye West & Mekanics)

(Intro: Kanye West)
What’s Gucci my nigga?
What’s Louis my killa?

(Intro 2)
I feel like I can’t follow in nobody footstep
Ya know I **pop pop pop pop pop** at ur head, my nigga
Young nigga, young nigga, pop pills, make mills my nigga
Go ahead young nigga, young nigga, young nigga

(Hook: Rick Ross)
I think I’m bout to lose it mane
Said I’m bout to go Gucci Mane
In the trap still countin’ change
Don’t fuck wit y’all cuz ya niggas lame
Said I’m bout to go Gucci Mane
Said I’m bout to go Gucci Mane
On the chopper rant, on the chopper rant

(Verse: French Montana)
Still-a in that trap getting guap
Out the sewer, now my crib the size of Cuba
I be rap-rapping that block
We them Brick Squad, ask Flocka
Beside this shit, sold the choppa
Coulda been San Quentin on lock
But I two’d up that ghost
I stack two flows that loaf
I be floor seats by that coach
I be fight seats by that rope
Lately so sick I could vomit
Gin wit no tonic, cheat on my bitch, ya know I'm dishonest
But I’m just a product of my environment

(Pre-Hook: French Montana)
Young nigga, young nigga
Pop pills, make mills young nigga
Got wrist, stay trill young nigga
Still talking that, still young nigga
And I ain’t eva lose the change
And shawty head stupid mane

(Hook: Rick Ross)

(Verse 2: Lil Wayne)
Get down or lay down
Shoot everything up but a school or a playground
Run shit like a Greyhound
I’m in here, now who let the Devil in?
I ain’t been taking my medicine
My trigger finger ain’t neva been hesitant
I am yo ruler, no measurements
Ya know I **pop pop pop pop pop** at ur head, my nigga
Cash Money till I die, even if I go broke, I still wouldn’t beg to differ
I’m all papers, I heart paper, no sharp paper, betta get the point
Cuz I’m point shaven wit a sharp razor, get buck like a horse stable
Too street smart, I’m a geek, I put my niggas on they feet
So if we fall it be that lean, that make a nigga fall asleep
I can’t see nun' ya niggas, and I can see the future mane
Where ya going? I’m bout to go Tunechi mane

(Hook: Rick Ross)

(Outro/Intro 2)

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