Giggs - Who's Dat Lyrics

Nostradamus, we just sopranos
Walkin' round in my plush pijamas
Forty cal might adjust the dramas
We bought 'em down, them lucky charmers
I got big shoes to fill, they're nothin' like lil girls' feet
Ya want to sleep on Giggs? There'll be a nightmare on Elm Street
They're plantin' seeds, them fuckin' farmers
They're reptiles, we touch iguanas
Let it rat-tat-tat, let it rat-tat-a-tat-tat
I had the racks on racks and had straps in a rucksack
Hollowman breaks it down, yeah I'm that nigga Mack Dad
But still got dem baby mama dramas, she want to nag nigga nag nag
Ya know that nigga Clark, ya know that nigga Mad Man
Ya know that nigga move, fresh home out the trash can
Free my lil bro YG, now bang yo doors, nigga, bang bang
They want to ask 'who's dat?' Ya know dat nigga Batman

(Hook x40)
Who's dat?

(Verse 2)
Nostradamus, feelin' fuckin' marvelous
Can't deal with stress from them fussy partners
Baggin' up, dusty palmers
She ain't a ho, but she fucked regardless
Man are eatin' big food, it's nothin' like lil girls' teeth
But still went west end and got a nice lil belt cheap
Then met a one hot chick who took a nice little selfie
I got the game on lock, I got my name lookin' healthy
Nigga, stick to the script, better stick to the scripture
I had her tits in my face, and got her lips in the picture
I got hoes all round and got yo bitch in the mixture
They want to ask 'who's dat?', that's what the bitch niggas whisper

(Hook x40)

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