TYGA - Pleazer Lyrics

Ft. Boosie Badass

Nigga, and bounce that back
I had to, the nick nack and give her that back
Yak, nigga, smoke that

I know a lil bitch by the name Chanel
Always wearin' Louie but fake Chanel
I'm just tryna nut like Chip and Dale
That's some funny ass shit like Dave Chappelle
Pussy ass niggas all in my mail
How you get out early? You ain't made that bail?
Snitchin' ain't free, but all you do is tell
I heard you breakin' bad but the shit won't sell
All in yo momma car, with no L's
Now she can't make work, so you dumb as hell
Need to get a bitch with long ass nails
To scratch a nigga's back and cook my meals
I got G's on the block, bitches on the cock
it aint a house party till somebody get shot
One fifty in the plot, play the scene, you gon' pop
Have an all white party, niggas hangin' off the yacht
Banger, pistol, you too smart? Eliptal
Came with my tongue out, I'm hot off the Frito
Pussy is menthol, it's too good? I send for
Run up all in it, I'mma be off a minute, bitch

(Hook x2)
Nigga, and bounce that back
A dog try to nick nack, give a dawg a patty wack
Patty wack, patty wack that, dancing on my lap
She's a real dick pleazer

(Verse 2)
This ain't rap, and rap ain't this
Tell it shut the fuck up and suck my dick
She a real dick pleaser, emoji face in my dick
She likes dick dick dick and nothin' else but dick
She eat it like candy or sweetest fit
When the rim saw the lights, that's a deep ass dish
You niggas money thinner than a con haired bitch
No relationships, we ain't developing shit
Shout out all my bitches and you call the mistresses
I just sit and forget they even existed
Ha, it's all the same tho, I changed the lane, go
David Engo, Barry the Bang Hoe
I'm fuckin' faster, I'm gettin' stronger
I had to see Rocko back in that asshole
'My niggas' the passowrd
Team nasty, bout to catch a fellow neat for it
Vagina juice like orange juice in the morning


Thanks to trey for correcting these lyrics

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