Skepta - Lukey World Lyrics

This oneÂ’s for Lukey
I love my family
Youngest that ever do it the best
But you never get safer, trust me

I cry tears in my cup of Hennessey for these fucked up memories
I cut niggas off with ‘em bad vibes and ‘em fucked up energies
Shouts to the niggas that don't like me, shout out to the ones that are reppin' me
Shout out the niggas that tried to finesse me, but I'm too plugged and mentally
Heard that pussy wonÂ’t takinÂ’ shots, but he's just a wanna be Rooney
I got niggas on standby, man I got niggas on duty
Your life is like a talk show, trust me, that ain't no movie
Never ever gonna be a top boy, never ever gonÂ’ be Lukey

You said : "Skepta, next year don't wanna see any of the man down on the block"
Said that he's gonÂ’ make me proud, Track suit Mafia, straight to the top
Said when the money comes in, then all of the man down are settinÂ’ up shop
You told me man are gonÂ’ be smilinÂ’, told me champagne gonÂ’ pop
I can hear your voice in my head like: "Skeppy, keep movinÂ’ forward"
You shutdown from Texas to North , stay low key, stay ghost
Like Patrick Swayze and Demy Moore and don't watch ‘em mans corners
Do what you want and say what you feel, don't care if it makes things awkward
Supposed to be grievinÂ’, but instead I'm in the hood with the whole team scheminÂ’
Supposed to be leavinÂ’, but I stay right here cuz my heart still bleedinÂ’
I know that we ain't been eatinÂ’, and I know that we ain't been sleepinÂ’
But whatever mom wants, that's what mom gets, everybody better put their pies in
Man are gonÂ’ pay by cash, yes, man are gonÂ’ pay by card
Coz I know that if it was one of us, trust me, Lukey would have gone hard
So many reefs of flowers, I looked to the sky man, I need some powers
Cuz I feel like time's runninÂ’ out man, I need more hours
Just last week were talkinÂ’ 'bout your mixtape droppinÂ’
We couldn't turn up at Oscar's studio, so we had to work with Collin's
We were gettinÂ’ shit poppin', now I'm on Google searchinÂ’ coffins
Tings confusinÂ’ man, different man


Lukey World, Lukey Lifestyle man
Trust me, Track Mafia forever

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