Tinashe - Creation Lyrics

I never knew how good it could feel til I had you
I never imagine that a person could ever mean so much
But then it happened just like I prayed for
A blessin’ from above

There you are? What a creation, I’ll be usin’ you
Be mine until the end of time
My heart it burned for someone to claim it
When suddenly you came and changed my life.

I realize every day I need you
And I mean it when I say “I love you”
And you’ll always be the whole world to me
Oh, I’ve never be more sure of it
Baby you and me for eternity, I’d give my life for this

[So beautiful, what a creation, I’ll be usin’ you
Be mine until the end of time] x 2
So beautiful, what a creation
The greatest thing that happened to my life
Thank God for you, you truly changed my life

My heart will learn that now is amazing
Forever I’ll be right here by your side
And I just wanna hold you
And never let you go
And now that I have you baby I know
That this is magic
Oh I’m positive it’s real
Cuz it’s the only explanation

For the way you make me feel

Thanks to Pius Kasau for correcting these lyrics

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