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Quincy - Record Straight Lyrics

Let it right x 3
Woke up Monday, have no sleep, I start drivinÂ’ up on one way
HavinÂ’ crazy dreams I might actually see one day
So then I move out west, 23 had to move out and check
Ah but now itÂ’s time to see me for me
They seeinÂ’ what they wanna see and what it needs to be
CanÂ’t accept that, time to speak up so where the hell my chick at
Try to keep up, know itÂ’s best if you step back
DonÂ’t trust, no trust pass
You hate that I love, that I swept and you kept that
You gotta keep it real in the field
I recognize the deal when itÂ’s real

(Pre Hook)
Take a look at me x 2
Tell me what you see
You see the money and the fame
So when IÂ’m on TV
I had to let you go
It was plan to see that you ainÂ’t love me for me
Girl you only love what you see

I donÂ’t think they recognize me, when let me set the record straight
And IÂ’m so sick of all the liar
Now I gotta set the record straight
And what you doinÂ’ to surprise me?
They ainÂ’t need to set their record straight
Know sometime you can find me in the studio
Try to get my record straight

Too dangerous rounds, I still take the safe this
ShouldnÂ’t be a fact of how much muller I make it
ShouldnÂ’t even matter what car I drive
IÂ’m just thankful that I gotta set the wheels outside
Cuz IÂ’m always on the move, from the East to the West
I just try to win, be a beast, be the best
I came with the negatives, IÂ’m about positive vibes
Keep it never predictive, beinÂ’ on bust of young executive
Never hurt to put a suit on
Always runninÂ’ throw your mind and I ainÂ’t have my shoes on
Had to make and keep my line and I just got a new phone
IÂ’m on my bullshit, do you on?

(Pre Hook) + (Hook x 2)

Gotta get ‘em straight
Know sometime you can find me in the studio
Try to get my record straight

(Pre Hook) + (Hook)


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