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Frankie J - Somebody (Remix) Lyrics

Ft. Jef Jon Sin

(Chorus: Frankie J)
Quero bailar con somebody
Yo quero tomar con somebody
Quero jorar me a somebody
Y que nadie tiene que saber
Nadie tiene que saber (nobody)
Siempre va vien alguen que'ablara
Sin saber la verdad
Pero no importarlo que digan
Vamos a bailar

(Verse: Frankie J)
And at the end of the night when the lights
Go down, will we turn down? No, no we won't
(No los pueden parar) x2
And when they try to make us leave
We turn and say we're never going home
Y tu sabes lo que quera ser


(Verse 2: Jef Jon Sin)
I just flew in from San Francisco
We on the beach playing thongs on Sisqo
Uh, might as well try my luck at it
Try and speak Spanish but I suck at it
You takin' shots at Ciroc and it's ice cold
Can't see Sh&*() like a blindfold
Don't know if I'm high or my eyes closed
All I know is good b*()es all in my zone
What's the time zone? This is my zone
Drop it down, bust the screen on yo iPhone
Drop a drink, make a mess, walk away from it
I know you sexy but I don't know what you made from it
You neva know how far you are away from it
Shake it so much you ain't shake from it
You could get a steak and a cake from it
When I get it I'mma neva take a break from it
Got stuff to do, but I'm late from it
Drinkin' liquor with my baby, feelin' gray from it
Club 9, hangin' like a shoe string
Takin' shots with my boot thang


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