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Ciara - Give Me Love Lyrics

I got money, I got cars
So I don't need it, I need more
I show you mine if you show me yours
You best believe it, I got what you want

No holdin’ back
Ain't no holdin’ back
I need all of your attention
All of your attention babe
Turn me on
Turn the whole world off
Boy I need you at attention
I need you at attention baby

Gimme love or nothin’ at all x 4
Gimme it to me x 4
Put it on me x 3
Gimme me love
Gimme me love or nothin’ at all x 2


We ain't gonna make it, the bed too far
So let's go now, right here on the floor
Body to body, we can bury it all
Yea the naked truth, whoa if these walls could talk

(Pre-Hook) + (Hook)

We just begun, the night is young, woah, will you take me there
Ooh come and hold me, won't you show me, you can take me there
My body's calling for you darlin’, hope that you're prepared
To take my body where nobody's ever taken me
Me x 3


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