YOUNG JEEZY - Type Of Party Lyrics

Ft. Que, Pewee Longway, Offset

I guess she throw all a nigga pay for
Now lil bitch this IÂ’ll need on this party
All you thought you nigga was sweet list
But now you nigga is this I need on party
You fuck off, try to pay me
Lil nigga no, this ainÂ’t that type of party
IÂ’mma tell you what it is, give a fuck bout what you thought
Nigga this ainÂ’t that type of party
This ainÂ’t that type of party x 6

This ainÂ’t that type of party juginÂ’ with the careens
So barrels from my trapper, full of rester for the rally
Some loppers in the water, hit it with that air, beat it and try to start it
Now will be touchinÂ’ with the package with the packing and labors
And they be parkinÂ’ and get damn like delore
Jump and get that real bitch and get that whole above
Bitch should call in here and should see that she ball
Jug fish with that echo look better, bitch IÂ’mma start
I get in the kitchen, go and wip all that water
Trickle finger get so achy , when they talk about robber
Yellow tape, for that eighty killen
Young thug motivate lil nigga
ChopinÂ’ in the text but itÂ’s no lil nigga
It ainÂ’t that type of party but I came with you bitch
Blow ahead for that amigo that came with the paper
But letÂ’s see I go step and let go trip with the grip
I guess she throw away lil nigga
Now lil bitch this ainÂ’t even that type of party
All you thought nigga was really
Now nigga this ainÂ’t even that type of party
Nigga fuck up try to pay me and lead
Nigga no, this ainÂ’t even that type of party
IÂ’mma tell you like it is, give a fuck what you thought
Nigga this ainÂ’t even that type of party
This ainÂ’t even that type of party x 8
This ainÂ’t even that type of party
You know IÂ’mma Siegen and I keep that on cominÂ’
DonÂ’t give no truth because a nigga is an artist
IÂ’ve be cominÂ’ throw you like a roger
I started, IÂ’m chippin and IÂ’ll be startinÂ’ over tappy
Nigga run out with the workin and now we swiminÂ’ to the sharp
Fall, fall put on, get that bitch ballinÂ’
I was raise in the jungle, itÂ’s a lion in my heart
Where nigga thinkinÂ’, got diamond my niggas blinkinÂ’
Bitches at that corner, they fuckinÂ’m they suck my seines
DonÂ’t know how to cook but I can give you the ingredients
When I got it sure they jumpinÂ’ down like Edio
They say they ainÂ’t gonna spread, I say my nigga go, go feed them
My niggas hungry, put ‘em on a plate
No piano but you know we got the keys
Nigga try to sell that nigga mill


You lookinÂ’ on the rolex wang
Definite can and I canÂ’t give that rolls, rolls drivinÂ’
I say you know where I go, I just pack that down
Get that walk so down like Ferassi
Throw a block, yeah nigga wanna split
Nigga right in the middle like kick it
Get 2 and then 5, IÂ’ll never get a winner,
Man IÂ’m round, round and back gettinÂ’ sit back
And a nigga round with me, get a fuck about the sippers
They run up you and use to caught tag
See motherfuckers, donÂ’t know shit about snow
I run up on you and get some mess
I say blow out the vincetnt door, all round and stone
IÂ’mma let all this on my automatic star
All my automatist want my automatic hoer
Swear the shit jumpinÂ’ out the ball my nigga
Had to call it now not back then my nigga
When they split, they will go for that tear my nigga
Been plan in this motherfucker plan all day
AinÂ’t surprise, ainÂ’t go with any fear my nigga
What you know about that all gridded fan my nigga
What you talk for a nigga with the lessa
Break you whole thing down, take now two fity high
And banginÂ’ all from the rest my nigga



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