Quincy - Exotic Lyrics

feat. G-Eazy

She break it fdown
Take it down
Put it down, fuck me every day
The way she moves her hips from side to side
She got me put my phone away

She got everything you want and more
The way I wanna uh it’s just so scandalous
She likes to be in the sinner of attention
Did I mention that this girl is from Los Angeles
She was born in America
But I thought she was
Exotic, exotic, exotic x 2
You’re touch is like a drug
I’m spendin’ on my walls
Exotic, exotic, exotic

I pull up, she roll up
She turn up, she don’t waste no time
Now I got you in all alone
Hopin’ I can make you mine


(Verse : G-Eazy)
Well, so imagine
It’s 4 a.m in down town Los Angeles
I’m throwin’ once, fall in love with every diam
She lookin’ at me, I fall for it every time
And she’s the baddest here, I won’t conform with different kind
Want some bread cuz it’s nothin’ more important than mine
Watchin’ amaze durig she rock the pole
Got you to with me on out private show
And she’s from LA, I said I’m from the O.
3 dong play, she said to me: Do you got time for more?
I say : Why not, eyes locked
Spendin’ all the cash, I know that I’ve got
I hit that MCA, grab some serious some melt
I will lay a lot more, think I’m clearin’ my account
I know in the mornin’ nothin’ will make sense
Spent it all at the strippers and don’t know how to pay rent
But fuck it, it was money world spend, that’s for all
Say to myself, she’s the one, call the ____(?)



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