Kirko Bangz - Story 2 Tell Lyrics

Hol' up! I met a bad bitch at the club tonight
Her nails done, her toes right
I'm feeling like a nigga lucked up
Cause I ain't tryna fuck with no hoe tonight
I'm tryna lay up, flow it up
Pow it up, I done fucked enough
I'm tryna roll up, I'm like hol' up
Let a young nigga pull a Bentley up
Now we blowin' dro down 59
Music loud and the top down
She rubbin' on my dick, gettin' loud
I'm feelin' like it's bout to go down
Some drunk nigga, he didn't have a rig
Fuckin' up, a young nigga sad
I get caught, her pussy wet
Her friends callin', tryna see what she get
I'm like fuck that, she like hell yeah
Let them hoes hate, I'm like hell yeah
Grabbing on the dick, sayin' goddamn
Ya pull the car ova right here
Like right?! She say right here
I'm like hell nah, girl, you wild as hell
I'm famous than a bitch, open your mouth
And paint up on this dick
I'mma release yo pain with this dick
Make you change yo name fo' this dick
Make you make it rain on this dick
Make you squirt all night, catching flights
I'mma make a right at this light
Pull up to the house, hit you right
She said, boy I heard about that dick
Betta be all there tonight, oh!
(Oh, goddamn! Oh, this shit bout to go down)
(This bitch so muthafuckin' fine, bruh)

(Verse 2)
Pull up, valet get the door fo' 'er
Hope these people ain't thinkin' I'm a hoe, boy
I'm like hell nah, she like I know you do this shit every night
With a bunch of different hoes, boy
I'm like aw, shit, here we go
She like no, nigga, no you don't
You know I'm still gon' fuck you tonight, huh?
I'm like no, nigga, no I don't
I'm like shit, I can't tell
Before I said tell, she had her nails
Wrapped around my dick hard as hell
Suckin' on my shit from 1 to 12
12 to 28 she'll leave my balls
Kissin' on me all in the house
We makin' noise, wakin' up the dogs
My neighbor's, 'oh, girl, slow it down'
I opened the door, she said 'oh, wow'
I pull it out, she say 'oh, wow'
If that's all that you wanna do
You must really think that I'm a hoe, nah
Aye, what the fuck, bitch what?!?
You just had my dick up in yo mouth
I thought that we was on the same page
She say 'nah, nigga, I heard you get around'
Aye, you be fuckin' with 'em dirty bitches'
'I be on the phone with all 'em hoes'
I'm like 'I dunno the fuck you talkin bout'
You want Pizza Hut or you want Dominoes?
She like, 'nah, nigga, you a fucking slick'
'Don't get mad cuz I won't let ya fuck'
'Like bitch what? What the fuck, nigga?'
'Fuck you, my friend's pullin' up'
(Man, what the fuck just happened)
(That bitch just want a fucking story to tell!)
(That's how these hoes be, man)


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