Keri Hilson - Keep It 100 Lyrics

Ft. Young Thug

Mrs. Keri, baby
Mrs. Keri
Mrs. Keri, baby
(Let them boys know)

(Verse: Keri Hilson)
Ya can't treat me like no basic bitch
I'm Grade A approved & just face it
I don't think ya know who ya playing wit
I could have bettered yo image
Ya wasn't shit befo' I met ya
When I leave they gon' fo'get ya
I put ya onto that vintage
Chanel & Bulgari, Versace, Cavalli
Ya had so much potential though
Homie tell me, where did it go?
Now ya just fronting & acting
If ya ain't adding ya subtracting

Ya mistaking me fo' somebody else
But see you're only fooling yoself
Ya ain't got nothing I want
I'm way betta wit ya gone

I was cool all by my lonesome, oh until ya came alone
Ya convinced me to be loyal while ya go do what ya want
If I did the same to ya, oh ya would tell me that I'm wrong
I ain't gon' lie, I would respect ya if ya knew to

Keep it 100 wit me (100!)
100, 100 (100, 100 wit me!)
Homie can ya keep it G? (G!)
100, 100 (100!)
Say that ya come from the streets (the streets!)
100, 100 (well keep it 100 then!)
Keep it 100 wit me (damn!)
100, 100 (100!)

(Verse 2: Keri Hilson)
Sometimes I feel you're worse than a bitch
Why ya be acting all scary?
If ya did it, ya did it, just say the shit
At least have the kahunas to tell me
Now ya watching from the outside
I can see ya, what ya looking at?
When ya was on the inside
I noticed how much ya was feeling yorself
Fuck ya & whoeva you're screwing
Don't care no more 'bout what you're doing
Hope she cheat on ya & leave ya ruined
I'm so turnt up cuz ya went & pissed me off




(Verse 3: Young Thug)
I'ma keep this shit 100, damn
She the bomb like Osama, damn
Keep it real, I'ma let ya meet my momma
Don't care if ya blow it back like the condoes
All these 100s, niggas, only commas
Diamonds bright like the inside of a tungler
Keri think I'm Ben Franklin cuz I'm 100
Stack them Ms and live erry day like the summer
I'ma pull up kicking shit like I'm a punter
Catch me riding wit my dogs like a hunter
Keep ice on like a fucking penguin
Baby know I'm rock solid like the cement
I'll change seasons fo' no reason
I might fuck 'er and leave 'er if she don't...


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