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INCUBUS - Make Out Party Lyrics

Girl I wanna kiss u
But not just on ur lips, no
Tips of ur fingers and every intersection
Start again then at ur pinky toe
I know u know

Can u tell I miss u?
From my cadence & tempo
Lips are a trigger, & maybe this connection
Is a point we should be aimin' for

Could we make up?
Could we make out?
Could we make up?
Could we make out?

I get high every time I get the taste of u on my tongue
And I know you’re one to hold on to
Oh, a deep sigh every time I get a hint of u in my mind
Cause I know u won’t be held onto

(Verse 2)
Baby, I have got a weakness for the backs of ur knees
Ur honey spilt ova, & now I am an army of ants
And we’re all thinkin’ the same thought, 'let’s get to work'
Let me introduce u to my slippery fingers
Glistenin' & dangerous I'll use them all in ways
That would make u giggle at my funeral




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