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Britney Spears - Pretty Girls (Remix) Lyrics

Ft. Iggy Azalea, Tejai Moore

All around the world pretty girls wipe the floor with all the boys
Pour the drinks, bring the noise (we're just so pretty)
All around the world pretty girls jump the line to the front
To what we like and what we want (we’re just so pretty)

(Verse: Tejai Moore)
I've been watching you, baby
It is driving me crazy
If it's one thing I know
I can't let you go
Oh, hey lil momma
I bet ya know we got drama
With your five thousand commas
All around the world


(Verse 2: Britney Spears)
Tell me, is it true that all these men are from Mars?
Is it why they be acting so bizarre?
Every time I walk out of my house
They don’t see me rolling my eyes
They're buzzing around me like flies
They got one thing on their mind

(Verse 3: Iggy Azalea)
Some things don’t change...
(Girls roll up!) Windows roll down
(Eyes on us) Girls on the ground
(Watch them go!) It’s just so funny
Like bees to the honey


(Verse 4: Iggy Azalea)
We’re still killing them softly
I would spend time with you, but that'll cost me
They pray that Iggy Iggy give 'em one more chance
But busy Iggy wouldn't even call me one more dance
There’s a thin line between the beauty and the beast
Slim waist, then keep the whole world corner piece
Bad girl good, I'll make ya lose yo mind
I'll let the boys beg the pretty, hit it one more time

(Interlude: Teejai Moore)
Uh, Teejai, baby girl, I'm here for the remix
Killing this shit, cut 'em round, I don't need any (?!)


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