ONYX - Fuck Da Law Lyrics

[You ainÂ’t shit without a bash gun, fuck da law
We donÂ’t care if the beas get done, fuck da law
In the hood no respect for the one
Fuck da law
You got a run way and you want to go,
Fuck da law] x 2

IÂ’m on the run, IÂ’m a fugitive, play low key
But got in jail, they ainÂ’t build the ceil like a home
And helped from the inside, escape throw the suis
When my man now left, almost drowed and lose
I got to lose myself cuz I know they got the downs
I ainÂ’t goinÂ’ back, fuck that, IÂ’m goinÂ’ all out
Cops will be up it, tell em massage the ground
I see a free way, I need to hit a ride to town
ThatÂ’s my only dance, jump in front of a car like a dummy
He slam on the breaks, stop to make this for me
Jumped up the wip like you are, you are
I took this car like a wallet, well how much will you fight?
Run throw like crash, run throw and bang all
Almost spun out and fuck and run from 4 cops
The hit is on, I ainÂ’t try to let this pigs hit me
Now gave the only think between me and the city


For all the pain nigga, smoke gas
Another night with the smoke from that gas
Yo we murbinÂ’, niggas got gas mask
Cra is cominÂ’ dog
Niggas got the tag ass
They wanna put handcuff on my black bliss
You better know what the patriot act is
Federali got my name on the black list
They wanna see a nigga fry like caught fish
In the streets nigga is dyinÂ’ like a death frow
Hundred maps on the very last breath yo
On some real shit I donÂ’t give a afro
I wish the cop could try me
The ones in the hood, so disconected
Police on the block get disrespected
Live by the guns and you may die with it
ThereÂ’s a war goinÂ’ on so I ride with it



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