Snoop Dogg - I'm Ya Dogg Lyrics

(Chorus x2)
Baby, I come runnin x 2
Just keep me cominÂ’
And I come runninÂ’
Cuz I'm ya dog
Baby I'm ya dog, I'm ya dog
So whenever you call, ever you call
I come runninÂ’, baby I come runninÂ’

You donÂ’t listening
So you can talk to me, don't listen to him
A body like that ain't hard to feed, cuz girl I'll eat you up
All in a couple of seconds, girl I'll eat you up(eat you up)
It's when you realize you're in Heaven like how'd you get there?
Baby what you doing in this chair?
Couldn't let you sit there
You need help, somebody should get there
You see girl, time is like money, both of which men loathe
Spend them both with me and then for sure you'll know


Ah, she's impressed by a fat boy
Cadillac, weed, pistol on his lap, boy
Home run hitter, thow I was a batboy
Search warrant for the crib, you better get a map for it
Paid for, meaning I ain't gotta rap for it
She a alley up, I tap it off the backboard
Hustlin', baby you ainÂ’t looking for just ask for it
Blue Ferrari, I'm the envy of the task force
Impeccable suits, as I roll with my dogs
Pinkie rings and things that come with my wonderful job
Dog pound niggas, and we came to fight
I was several million up before it came to light
Now they calling me the truest one to ever do it
Status symbol for the pits, now enjoy the music
Smoked out like a player and you know the name
Break a bitch quick, really, biggest in the game


I got Rottweiler in tube sock
Pitbull like on your neck, kiss it and you'll die
Boxer you take mine's off then alleluia
Shando, count my blessings, spin around two times
Freaky, freak like it's the eightyÂ’s
Fucking explicit, radio drolly say we
Should tone it... down with the clean version
Dirty but in public you're like teen virgin
I like it make me realize my vices
Enticing', flower bombing' all on your privates
Private meeting' inside your bedroom
Head in that Mabuchi booming', thank God for leg room
It's a trophy in that pussy, I'mma come in first place
I'mma come in first place, come in, come in first place
I'm your DO double G and I need more Pedigree
What it D-O? Puppy chow, I've been grown and get off the leash,


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