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Papoose - Banned From Radio (Freestyle) Lyrics

You know I sleep with one open eye like Freddie_____
When I drop the freestyle , my city stops
Too much champagne drinking
I see you______
All of my gossip rule like 50 block
We be on block all night
Like henny rock
They like to close line like Jimmie got
I'm worried about the state troopers
Fuck a city cop
I don't know if your boyfriend loyal, but if he not
That mean you ain't got the kind of man that Remy got
Rappers never compliment me
I’mma turn their mics
They actin’ like I never spit a verse they like
You better get my birthday right
I changed my name
Call me mr. Thursday night
I’m flawless
The only thing the man recorded
A whole bunch of bullshit
He must be a tourist

All this money talk
What’s all this?
These niggaz are so rich
Young man drunk
He had too much on his line
I don’t know the type of time you are on
Tell him I ain’t hard to find
It’s a general nigga
I’m moving on army time
Stupid in the head, but you got a smart mouth
I’ve been outside since you’ve been in your mom’s house
You got a big ego
Undercover cop car wanna swerve on me
No search warrant
But they wanna do a search on me
I don’t trust them
They might try to plan work on me
These loyal niggaz wanna turn on me
Niggaz wanna drop dirt on my name
Ut that will put a herd on me
Cause veen when they burry me
They’ll put dirt on me
I pick the speed up
Blast like a milimeter
Laugh of a silly Tweeter
Eat a nigga’s food fast
Breakfast, lunch , dinner
Black cars, different Visas
Show them how it feels like
Never play fair, stay here
Bulletes the size of a centemeter
Blast from the past
Go to class, cause I’m still a feature
Keep rappin’ until he wakes up
I’mma keep rappin’ until all wake up
I’m a G
When i walk home
The ground breaks up
Look at his face
He went well
Don’t settle for less
I just want to be more


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