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Ciara - That's How I'm Feelin' Lyrics

Feat. Pitbull & Missy Elliott

Tell me x 2
Boy do you like that? x 4
I know that you like that x 4
Yeah, yeah, yeah, cuz I did that x 4
Wanna see that

I don’t know you but I try to impress you tonight
I’ll be just chill but I’mma shake a bit tonight
I ain’t easy but I might just go freaky tonight tonight
That’s how I’m feelin’ x 2
Ooh, feelin’
Baby that’s how I’m feelin’
If that’s how I’m feelin’


I don’t drink but I might take a few shots for the night
I might get messed up but at least I’ll be yellin’ just right
And I don’t love you but I might say I love you tonight
That’s how I’m feelin’ x 2

(Verse: Pitbull)
Know what your feelin’ is
I know what you got
I know what you need
And I know what you want
Dale que tu puedes, que tu estas bella
I see you baby, did that
Small wise to faze
I wanna please you baby
As long as we party and
Excuse me baby but it’s like you my ace
And when the time it’s right, time is here

(Verse: Missy Elliott)
I might go so loud but this how I feel
I might drop it low
But cop a pop field
Popin’ and popin’ and jumpin like a ______(?)
Ain’t no stoppin’ we jumpin’ , we rockin’
We got the chills so drill
If I see her fine, do it and like to come here
The chicks alright and baby I’m the real deal
Cuz me will get CC and enjoy it
You don’t mean when you get toasty
It’s on the beat
Kitty, kitty, kitty
Go ball that diam
Don’t care what they said, pop that thing
[Go ahead x 3
Go drop that thing] x 2
[Get it x 3
Let’s get it ] x 3
Get it x 3
That’s how I’m feelin’ x 3

(Hook) x 2

You did that girl x 3
Let’s get it x 3

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