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ROCKO - She Ain't Right Lyrics

She all herself , she buy her feddy, she ainÂ’t got no ethics
If you payinÂ’, sheÂ’s stayinÂ’, you ainÂ’t shit with no win
I wonÂ’t fit true, attitude, she gonna pretend
Only thing she loyal to itÂ’s the evidence
She go get for you and get it for him
Or should I say : Damn, she will fuck your friend
And double back you, ask about and sheÂ’ll be like what?
Mine your business, then your lane nigga
Soon as you show your emotion, soon as you lay nigga
She gives a damn ‘bout how you are, fuck your flame nigga
She out here playinÂ’, she ainÂ’t looking for no lane nigga
Beautiful girl, body immaculate, extravagant
Crème de la crème, straight for the best, sheÂ’s far from average
And smile and get a hook, soon as you look your book
You gonna do whatever it take, whatever it took
That move she do, I canÂ’t even say she roll cuz
So much we goinÂ’ on, she gotta take care her own

I really like that girl but the bitch ainÂ’t right
But man I really like that girl
Man I really like that girl
But the bitch ainÂ’t right
Yo, I really like that girl
Said I like the girl, yeah

WeÂ’ve been fuckinÂ’ for a lil second
Our relationship, kinda restless
I know we should never emit that
Cuz IÂ’m marry and you will never be mine
Even if it wasnÂ’t, you got a bad ground
But I love the way she roab a nigga back down
I confess, really catch the feelings for
I know she ainÂ’t right but she just feel it and avoid
My niggas think IÂ’m fuckinÂ’ trippinÂ’
I donÂ’t give a fuck how she laim with me
ThatÂ’s my ball thang, I made this rollinÂ’ cool man
And banz she just on 2 thang
Just drive a nigga insane


Grow up in a ghetto, fuck what other people talkinÂ’ bout
I love the way she call for me when IÂ’m alone
Fade is movinÂ’, no co-co is groovinÂ’
ItÂ’s the cacon, body frequency
Said it lotion but they ainÂ’t see it soon
Tour shit, nothing on armature, handle in the moment
She feel it right under components
Room surface is just sure and fuck one of my ones
Or when you in the light IÂ’m in
And never get to notice
Link her nipple and wiggle all that she wanted
Up against the sofa, bend it over, she over and she wanted
She that and more, walkinÂ’ like a horse, buyinÂ’ the scenery
DroppinÂ’ banz on designa branz, I tend to mix and match


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