Birdman - Uptown Lyrics

Ft. Juvenile

(Verse: Birdman)
Candy coated, got the shades on all the time
Keep a strap, born uptown to grind
100 times I flip a nigga for the shine
I gets mine every time I sign a dotted line
Hit 100, make 100 right back on the slab
Every day, make more money, nigga, on the ab
The kush walk the bush before the dope game
Then the hurricane came with the fame
Bounce back champ, nigga, so the game is glory
Prone was the fame, another with the glory
Holidays is all the day, nigga, sun is shining
Paradise on earth, bitch we bout the grinding
Higher heights, spanned it for another life
Another fight, so we do this shit all night
Hella tight, hella chopper on a G flight
I stay strapped for the love, genified mics
Persian rug, marble floor on these glass doors
Glass house, new whips on 'em, 24s
And everyday is bout the same, nigga flip some more
Every day is bout the same, bitch, we make some more

Uptown, hard body, got it in the field
Fast lane, fast money, living in the hills
100 off the floor, the highlife for sure
A cash money nigga, a young money flow
A fire spitter or a sharpshooter, gang spinner
Higher than a nigga, more money than a nigga
Shining like a show, party off the floor
A filthy rich nigga, fuck a bad hoe

(Verse 2: Juvenile)
See, I was 11 when they labeled as a bread winner
Steak and feathered cinni when we made dinner
Treated all my bitches like riches, cause I stayed in 'em
Price was like a muthafuckin' dope because he stayed killin'
See, I am nothing like a god, but I done saved niggas
Made niggas, don't care who you are, cuz I don't praise niggas
Small, but I'm a brave nigga, motel it then _____(?) nigga
Take that to my grave and I'll bring digits to my cave, nigga
Barely fuck with niggas, cuz _____(?) is in their fave, nigga
Fire nigga, ride till I die nigga, 45 to squad niggas
True west side the ride, nigga
Westminston the sky, nigga
Cocaine I supply, nigga
Heroin is drive, a snow watch, be advised
The Jetsons, I'm so fly, nigga
High nigga, drive all rims, no tires nigga
Cogwheerls in that Chi, nigga
Watch we need a ride, nigga
I be at the muthafuckin' top of uptown, nigga


(Verse 3: Birdman)
I saw a lot of that dirty G
Smokin' on that good Justin Bieber
Pass that money like a wild receiver
Work these streets like a ninety fever
Quick money, niggas think I'm riding a cheetah
Moving like this, you betta have a heater
IF you don't want one, you betta have a squeezer
Kill somebody, betta have a reason
Got a lil gun, leave me half defeated
That baby tryna have a happy easter
Girlfriend said she had to ease her
Bills ain't paid, she may have to leave it
Court need work and it's time to ____(?)
Landlord say they be takin' yo lease up
Tryna do right, you find a licker procedure
The shit ain't workin' out, you're gettin' dissin' and ___(?)
Still out there thuggin' these quicken policersz
Told 'em it was clean, they ain't even believe ya
Everything here in the streets risking yo freedom
Put yo hands right up and give yoself a breather
Niggas ain't real, ain't keeping it breezy
Lying bout the doctors, ain't even the seasons
The money, no lie, it's the root of the evil
Money, no lie, it's the root of the evil


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