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Lloyd Banks - Passing Me By (Freestyle) Lyrics

Born to be that nigga, nigga, hit me more, winner nix me
More dollas make me smile, wandering in and out these stores
I done put the work in, got to pay me now, hip-hop let me down
Niggas stole my style, still hold my title, nigga
Ferragamo shades, all I know is pain, narrow Wayne
Alexander M-C, actual queen, players neva change
Seven chains, hit whateva range, slim Finella frame
Victory feels heavenly, for that I'll go thru' hell again
Niggas turning groupie, want the glow so bad
Pockets full o' linen, broken dreams is all ya had
Talking big shit 'bout yo dad, got emotions like a bitch
Lying her cubics off with a Pinocchio click
More than a thousand lines for picking
Gimme a moment, I'll deliver
Take a trip thru' South Jamaica, neva seen a frozen nigga
Dope in a yola, y'all combine the heat in this nation
Why ya lost yo muthafucking pride, ain't got no stripes
This M O B go blah if ya ain't got winning in yo eyes
It's too many drugs, all the deception in yo brain
I'm getting luck, ya came to see, I'm Heavy D
I 3D up the room, Franklins 'round the clock, won't stop
This is for the block, nice to know ya
Ya ain't no groom, go get a job
A packet of sumething to steal and rob
Ya kissing ass to feel involved
I'll get ya sawed, won't look my way, running yo fingers off
Everybody green, no grape, ay, daydreaming 'bout this paper
Lyrical and I envision yellow women by the layer
Now the most anticipated, I was the underrated
I'm yo favorite rapper's favorite, my ways are supa player
But still I stand right here
I reek of OG pink rosé and Blue Chanel
I made a promise to my people, give 'em hell until I die
So pick one out of yo care, ya can't
All the money in the world won't get ya stamped
I'm ______(?), part time ain't gon' last forever
Shit, sumething got to give, it's better on the otha side, huh?
Build me a dolla bridge, plea, God bless my mama, kids
Send me all they problems, I'll be fine with this
Move Bentley and time, heavy's my mind
I twist ya eva touch my section, saw me representing
My words'll really resurrect me when I'm gone to blessing
Hit minus, won't meet up and do it, won't be no protection
The reaper got big room for dummies
You ain't getting no fucking money

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