Nico & Vinz - Fresh Idea Lyrics

I think I got a fresh idea
One that you have to hear
Taste the world when you wrapped in life
See color better than before
See life as an open door
If it rains the tomorrow will shine
Ooh, ooh, x 2
Life is a treasure, we’re free to adventure
So let’s take a moment to stop

Just breath, we’re free
I know that sometimes it’s harder to see
Just breath, you’re free
Open your eyes to the moment
And taste possibility
Yeah x 3
It’s gonna set you free
Yeah x 3
Taste possibility

Feel stuck before you start,
Breathe the air that frees your heart
Put your worries to the side
Come back refreshed with love
Ready, now let’s take the plunge
Splash into the pool of life


Always remember that life is a treasure
We’re free to adventure
Just take little moments to stop



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