Lulu - Angel Lyrics

An angel came down from heaven yesterday
He stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
And he told me a story yesterday
About a sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
And he spread his wings high over me
He said he's gonna come back tomorrow

I said fly, oh my, sweet angel
I said fly, on to the sky
I said fly, oh my, sweet angel
Tomorrow I'm gonna be downside

(Verse 2)
Sure enough, this morning came onto me
A silver wing still awaited against the chime slow life
And my angel, he said onto me
Today is the day for you to rise
He said, take my hand, I'm gonna be your man
You're gonna rise and he took me high ova yonder

Fly on by sweet angel
Fly on through the sky
He said fly, oh my, sweet angel
Forever we're gonna be right by your side


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