There's a light inside of all of us
It's neva hidin', u just have to light it
It's the one thing that u got to trust
It's like a diamond, u just have to find it

So if u eva feel like givin' up
Yeah, let's remember that we were all meant to fly

Spread ur wings, across the universe
It's ur time to, it's ur time to shine
There's a light inside all of us
Soon, you'll find that it's ur time to fly, ur time to fly

(Verse 2)
A lil happy is all it eva takes
Somebody else just tell u that it's worth fightin'
A single step becomes a leap a faith
That's when u realize you've started flyin'



Just reach up, don't give up (until you've touched the sky)
Just reach up, don't give up (until you've realized...)
That we are all meant to fly

(Chorus x2)

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