Snoop Dogg - So Many Pros Lyrics

Can you make it, please don’t make me lie to you lady
I’m in it, I’m not in it, my poochie says women
At the club we fine to go, ssip some drink and get some dro
It’s ok if you don’t go, I’ll make sure to tell you about these pros
It’s like somebody is growin’ 'em on trees
So many pros, it’s like somebody is growin’ 'em on trees x 2
So many

All the ugly people, hold on
I can see all the pretty people, on
Not sayin' that I’ve never been wrong
But tonight I got me a hot, come on
And let me talk to you girl

(Bridge x 2)
For your um, for your information baby
I’m that winner, you need to go and have somebody


Party 'till the break of dawn
Every girl just dance with nothing on
Where we at, they don’t see nothing wrong
Do you know we were outside, hold ‘em on
Now let me talk to you girl

(Bridge) + (HOOK)

Have good music, come on
It can get inside your head, like porn
By yourself like what you grabbin’ on
Then look down it was so much fun
And let me talk to you girl

(Bridge) + (HOOK)

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