Rick Ross - Dog Food Lyrics

I stroll up the block, I go where I wanna
I look like a baller, I talk like an owner
Shoot for the stars, shoot up the coroner
Black Bell Air, a baron, bustin' like a Corona
Nigga mean with the rock, glowtron a lot
Heidi Klum in my neighbor, sippin' Ciroc with The Rock
Blond bitches that ball, she know I'm a threat
A nigga rich as a don, could build a house in Tibet
It's that dog food, nigga, know I'm killin' the bitch
It's that Al Poe talk, you gettin' kibbles and bis
They talkin' fair time now, they sentencing quick
You and bed tied down, you on some innocent shit
Timbaland boots, black trench coats
Kept on all of my chains cuz this gang cut dope
Niggas wanna be weasels till they put in the yolk
Snatch you, watch Joey Veesels, walk through the city of dope
Got a few watches, I keep some shit up my sleeve
Got yo bitch in the Lamborghini, she barely can breathe
I don't know her name, I call her passenger seat
All I want is the brain, so fuck her Masters Degree
I ball like I'm Allen, ball like I'm Wade
Ball like I'm Bron, I like the loss of fellay
My exception is souls, stone crabs outta Joe's
I can make one wish? Murder all of my foes
Shades cost ten, my car half a mill
They say I'm the man, shawty low goin' real
We keep the cash in the back, keep 'em blunts in the front
You know just where we ats, so you can come when ya want
I fill my cup to the top, whether purple or not
My bitch look like Toni Braxton, hun, you makin' me hot
Got the white in the pot, my future look bright
Then my lungs in the dark long as the paper was right
It's that dog food, nigga, it's that apple top
I could jump off a jet, and go jump straight in the wall
If it's beef, it's beef, they can't sleep on me
My dawgs dress like ninja, Pinal Rice on me
Life is a gamble, I'm so mean with the dice
Head crack with the left, I'm hittin' trips with the right
How many bitch I'm on fire, bitch I'm on fire
How many bitch I'm on fire, bitch I'm on fire
It's the dog food, let my dawgs in
Know she a dog bitch, I let my dawg be
I'm in my dawg Benz, been had it all week
I'm sippin' Bel Air, I'm tryna drown me
So fuck the rap game, ain't tryn' to down me
I'm still strapped, mane, it's day county
If you a fuck boy, stay the fuck from round me
If you a fuck boy, stay the fuck from round me
Stones in my pocket, Stone Watch jeans
Label mastermind, my elaborate schemes
They say I'm eclectic because I got it perfected
Take 200 racks just to 'UGHH' on yo record
IT's the dog food, I let my dogs eat
I got 50 M's, I'm talkin' straight cheese
50 M's, I'm talkin' straight cheese, 'UGHH'

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