Sage The Gemini - Guantanamera Lyrics

She alwayse do plan and she said I’mma player
Car stupid, fast good, all throw my ears
Ballin’ at the jim, know who wanna play
Got a bad bitch, guantanamera
Ooh, guantanamera x 4

Guantanamera, me and her in sweater
I don’t know her name but I know where she came from
House so big I can’t see my names
I grab em and pass but you try to save ¬āem
Ride, get naughty, screw it all
You know I’ll be scared
Keep doin’ in my jordin, soon as I race it
Spin it all, let them all new retry and lase it
I’mma do crazy, and baby you know that you look so deceaded
I talk with all these girl that I’m rich and I need only new, just believe me
These niggas be mad at the kitchen and baby girl looking in here
Check it all, nina push it, sleepin’, speelin’


Pull up in the banz, screaming fuck the hater
And nigga I didn’fuck your bitch on the elevator
Nigga I didn’t tell your bitch, I’mma fuck her later
And she go on, only get this dick, not no fucking paper
Fallowers, knock ’em down like dominos
Then I tell ¬āem adios
If you got a good bitch and just suck a good dick
Better lock her pusy down and you balling guantanamera
Ah, that pussy try to run
Caught that cardio
This gonna be a lot of fun, moon turn to the sun
We gonna get ti til the mado
Spend a couple crano, sell a hundred bottles
Do a rich shit, don’t we?
We don’t wanna roll all alone
Tell your homies, come on in the zone, I’ma hit your friend
I’m cool with it, x 2
If you suck and spend you drew
And I’mma hit just, just all day
One time now babe



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