Boz Scaggs - Hell To Pay Lyrics

I’ve got a ____ in Texas
Walking with me in New Orleans
I’ve got a ____ in Texas
Walking with me in New Orleans

Sometimes I call him
It’s sweeter than it could ever be
A kid is high on God knows what
And the other one smashed the bench

Between the bank boys and the lawyers
We got nowhere to g
Sometimes I got to wonder
About living in my home
This time I wish I married a woman

He said the old man didn’t want me
But he’s bringing me___
And one little thing I remember

And here comes Shifty and his new 1,50
He wants to take me for a ride
Saying hey little hop in my little drama
Why don’t you just hop in inside?

I’m a high tech woman
With a tire in my tank
I said oh my goodness
You’re a real smooth talker
I believe I take that dance

But first thing you better cool your jets
Before you make your play
There’s some hell to pay


Well now you got in your details
Got your devil in the cage
You can’t look anywhere else
The devil is on your tail
He’s waiting down on the line
He’s waiting for a perfect case

The truth is he’s ____
I’m left to play
He’s mad
He lost
It’s gonna be hell to pay


We’ cleaning up the waters
We pretty much trust the airs
Everybody here take all his words

I sure as hell feel it
Judge is gonna fish me off
Cause now it’s time for the moment
Now it’s some hell to pay
It’s some hell to pay

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