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Lloyd Banks - How Many MC's Freestyle Lyrics

Only your voke was in your warring
A catch of voch was premature, hold nigga for burring
Columbians, you get the trues and floaing
With your money then you flumber and come my car just spin
Drag an think they comparacing
Hit on the wag, I took the mag after the medicine
You drag and most you travelin’
Things get kinda hustelin’
Make all the arrangement, got a little problem asking
And they flipping to the mask again
Call my number in the middle of nowhere
Will get a bomb and then snick around and get no shit
Where did you all go where they figure you made just shit
Hey rolling so far, you lil niggas need a bit face smart
Face this supreme, need that flow in the center walls
Smoke everybody, I’m in the MC smoke, bodies in the mortal levels, never smoke before
I ain’t trust in nothing, ready to will and buffing
I make throw all and hard times, fallow all my slavers some just haters
Lot more then my sawn stash
Trap you is wiz and get all the glass, this all will make the power les
Go bless the child that have insist to separate the faith
And watch me shake the state
Watch the roof chopping, stopping shut
Young black off the coop
Opposite, fifty blocks get throw
Surly I can come throw
Tell ‘em impossible ain’t stopping to
Need my lungs all back, I’mma side on track,
Where your violence stack, silent stack
Purple hits, watch me hurt the stage for my circle pray
Hope just say I ain’t deserve my way
Go back circle ay
Choppers on me will vag alone
She will chop you alone, fuck your mind more than couple times
Be just what you form
Coming back for more, now your shit it’s for my ghost nigga
Burn me, cook me and get jury, nigga you get close
She ain’t see the alley, probably, shipping on the coast
Close to excellent balling diamond snip right off the cop, ah


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