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Phora - Deeper Than Blood Lyrics

Sometimes pain runs deeper than blood
Sometimes karma turns back on the people you love
Sometimes you gotta let go and turn the other way
We're just fighting for the other day
Cuz everything has a cause, you might not like the effect
A heart full of pain and a life of regrets
For us to make certain choices that you might not respect
In this world full of hate just a child of neglect

He was breathing in cigarette smoke, watching cartoons
Loud yells coming from the other room
Landlord banging on the door asking
Where the fucking rent at, cuz it's 30 days overdue
Nobody answers it, they was smoking up the house
Like they ain't know the shit was cancerous
But his mom's still tryna quit
She ain't got no-one to depend on, to provide for her kid
She workin' two jobs, barely makin' enough to fill a stomach
Still filled with nothing, hard times, she can feel 'em comin'
And it's been that way for a while
She raising a fatherless child, see the pain in her smile
She got unpayed bills piling up on the counter
No matter how close to the edge she got, there was something about her
It never let her lose hope, even when she hit rock bottom
She feels the noose around her neck, it's just a loose rope
But it's only getting tighter, suffocating her slowly
She's a lover and a fighter, but something just keeps her lonely
She got a collect call, but she already know who it's from
She took a deep breath, answered the phone and begun
She said "I gotta move on with my life, I told you it's done"
"Plus it's been too long since you've spoke to your son"
"It's not about me and it's not about you anymore"
"It's not about running the streets acting a fool anymore"
"You gone for seven years, it's nothing you can do anymore"
"Cuz I lost everything, I just can't bare to lose anymore"
"You see, there's somebody else, not because I'm in love"
"Becuz I needed some help, the type of help you can't provide"
"I'm sick of waiting, I'm sick of waiting around knowin'"
"You might not make it out alive"
"Sick of not having someone by my side"
"Sick of our kids asking where's their daddy"
"I'm sick of just tellin' em these lies"
"I'm just sick of it all, and if you ever make parole"
"And have plans for the future, please, don't get us involved"
"Don't call, don't write, and most of all, leave my child alone"
"And before he could say a word, all he heard was the dial tone"

(Verse 2)
As his mother put down the phone, he heard her saying
"God, I need you right now, please, just show me a sign"
"My heart is bleeding right now" but he was only a kid
So he really didn't know much
Still tryna understand why his mother cried so much
Father's day was the worse, cuz they ain't have no money in the bank
So it felt like every holiday was a curse
And his birthday just passed, he's gettin' ready for a lonely Christmas
They say his dad is gone fo' business, but he knows the difference
Startin' to forget his father's face and what it looked like
No bedtime stories, no good mornings, no good nights
Just a 'good luck' from the judge, his life would change with a sentence
Slam the gavel down, he's found guilty of all the offences
On the other side of the fence, left his child defenceless
How he fends for himself but he feels so relentless
His momma's boyfriend drinks until his daemons come out
The liquor takes control of his soul, he don't speak with his mouth
He speaks with his fist, disagree, get beat till you piss
The type of pain that make you put a knife in yo wrist

Sometimes, the choices you make
They don't only affect you
But affect the people you love and care about
You see, I wish I could say it's never too late
But I would only be lying to you
Because time, the people we love, are the only two things
We never get back in this world

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