French Montana - Fresh Out Lyrics

Ft. Rich The Kid, T Bird & Mike Zombie

Fresh out the lobby kitchen, it was a hobby pitching
Don't serve to anybody, and fuck the competition
Couple cases open, money my only motive
My lawyer got my paper work in like twenty folders

I got the bricks, they fresh out the kitchen
Who did say the pages were missin'?
Whippin' a bowl, money so hard that it's goin' to mold
Dirty magnolia bust down, I got a choppa, don't come round
Come to the choke cuz I got pounds
Kickin' the door and you lay down
I'm a young rich nigga, way too much lean, I ain't doin' the liquor
That's yo bitch? I'mma hit her
Get to the money, young nigga get richer
Boring, put it in writing, you know I got yo hoe with me
Kitchen my wrist did a 360, fuck the police, they can come get me
She a bad bitch, put her on the runway
Send 'em bricks my way, andalle
Louboutin opting, cuz that my business she stalkin'
And then get back in the morning
I said Halima, no coffin
Fazing young nigga, you a buster
Too many chains made you a buster


(Verse 2)
Fuck you and the competition, crocker
Quarter million dollas in the kitchen, crocker
Got that baking soda and the pitches with us
I heard yo cousin was the main when they shoot that pussy nigga
I put oppas in my cup, cut money, gut birdie up
Side by say that me, wassup, I don't shoot, I say _____(?)
I put that money in the cut, got that work up in my truck
And I got yo wiffie vibin' and you know that bitch a smut
I don't neva tuck my eyes, 4 5 6 I roll that dice
Less you tryna keep it fresh, just put that dope up in that ____(?)
I don't fuck with them otha niggas, so fuck the competition
I don't eat with them otha niggas, so fuck the competition



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