Kirko Bangz - 22 Lyrics

FeelinÂ’ like I got it nigga
IÂ’m about it nigga
How you gonna stop this nigga?
Step up in the boof and catch a body nigga
I be here for my sould and not for a hobby nigga
Your bitch says IÂ’m cute
But IÂ’m a cocky nigga
I put that bitch on you
SheÂ’s a Versace nigga
I pull 50 thousand on a bad day
And niggaz run up on me
They want it their way
IÂ’m so progressive
Her pussy is like the po po and so possessive
I probably sing this song when I go to heaven
Time is an essence nigga
Thank God I was blessed nigga
Always knew he was special nigga
I thought IÂ’d be here in MBA
Gonna have to drop the top off and put that tin away
I can go to heaven any day
I can fuck your bith any way
Theseniggaz switch up on me every day
But I donÂ’t need these niggaz anyway
I realize my own destiny
And now you ainÂ’t around
And God started blessing me
I pray you niggaz start stressing your mommies
I pray you niggaz start stressinÂ’ yourself
I know you wonÂ’t make me to remind you
AinÂ’t talkinÂ’ about this money
And since youÂ’re talkinÂ’ about my money
YouÂ’re talkinÂ’ about my dope
Nigga you ainÂ’t never coming out of the pocket
LetÂ’s be real nigga
I heard you niggaz were down
I gave you niggaz a place to live
I took the niggaz across the world let them live nigga
Next thing you know
He could stay
Next thing you know nigga is staying with me
And next thing you know you makinÂ’ cake with me
But the way it started was the way I finished
But IÂ’m just getting statred cause itÂ’s just the beginning
And then I had to do this shit for the niggaz
This shit is way bigger than 22 inches
This shit here is for my niggaz stuck in the kitchen
Beating on his chest while heÂ’s spitting his lyrics
HeÂ’s lookinÂ’ at the cellphone
Even though he knows it donÂ’t work
It ainÂ’t no niggaz on the show to say
Yeah, go Curt
And a nigga can call to get a ride to school
Tell them niggaz he rap
They think he a fool
The problem is the niggaz have their cool tooth
So IÂ’m back to highschool
Now tell me who is the real fool


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