SHAGGY - Picture Lyrics

Ft. Melissa Musique

I don't need the flowers or the candle light
I just need to get my camera hype
My picture, my picture, my picture for my picture
Capture everything we do in here tonight
Guaranteed to get 1000 likes for my picture
My picture, my picture, my picture

(Verse: Shaggy)
Syke upon di Instagram, I do it _____(?)
Seen her rockin' and my eyes fiends on whatsapp
Then she respawn n tell mi this time a shot
She no wan' no skype, she no wan' google chat
She no wan' no gyal no flimp pop she say blood very flop
Wan' mi put da big thing inna 'er inbox
She go n take a selfie no my migle a di yak
So mi know dya gyal come ova di top top top


(Verse 2: Shaggy)
So ya know dat gyal go hard
Back home, iPhone soon as she reach di yard
Nickle ya mi dutchie ya nah change _______(?)
Dis a gyal a wine when di world start a watch
She said no gwon gwon so she no place retard
Mami should stop wine a mi section
Nah gimme war record a reflection
See 'em tight mi a slip on protection
Figgy hard di injection


(Bridge x2)
I've been waiting so long just to show ya
This is what I like
I know what to do just to hold ya
Undress in the red light

(Verse: Shaggy)



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