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Death Cab For Cutie - Good Help (Is So Hard to Find) Lyrics

U will neva have to hear the word no
If you keep all ur friends on the payroll
The non disclosure pages signed
Ur secret's safe between those lines
The scaffoldin' will cheer and console u
But remember what ur motha told u
That good help is so hard to find
For people that are so refined
You're tryna turn into the skid
In this neva endin' grid

There's a long, slow fade
To a darkened stage & I hear u say
'Only a fool gives it away'
Only a fool would give
Only a fool gives it away

(Verse 2)
U said u want to stake out ur claim
High above the city from where u came
Don't u know the air's so thin?
It starves the brain of oxygen
I know it's such a dangerous place
For there are more ascensions than there is space
Angels causin' accidents
The camera phones'll document
But if I start to levitate
Pull me down with all ur weight


U are tryna turn into the skid
In this neva endin' grid
But u should know it's not ideal
All those hands upon the wheel


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