Poo Bear - Giver Lyrics

I'm a giver, giver, damn right I'm a giver
Giver, give you every inch of me
Return the favor whenever you please
I'm a giver!

Oh, I've only worried bout you
You can finish me later
Uh, clear the table off
Put it down I'mma be a waiter
Till yo body's dehydrated
Hold on, no, I bet you didn't think
It could go that long
Cuz I'm the handy man givin' you maintenance
A pleasure to have your acquaintance
I'm about givin' you overtime
Stick to the beat like a cadence
Yeah, I'm menaging, right round you will see it
And I cherish every moment you're receiving
Receive it cuz

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 2)
Oh, no, you take presidents now
Nothing else don't matter
Oh, like 51 Shades, I'mma add a new chapter
Till the bedroom is overflooding
Oh, God, the way that your curves are engined
Ain't wrong
My medicine come with a warning
You come pick me in the morning
I be there, no time to waste
Make you get hoarse just from moaning
No, you ain't eva had it like this
And when I'm finishin' ova I'll be missed
Oh, self-selfless cuz

(Chorus x2)

Thanks to romanah for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Lexy for correcting these lyrics

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