Poo Bear - Work For It Lyrics

Happy birthday ;)

I'mma make ya work fo' it
I'mma make ya work
I'mma make ya work fo' it
I'mma make ya work
Oh, I'mma make ya sweat fo' it
The good kinda hurt
I'mma make ya work fo' it
I'mma make ya work

(Verse: Poo Bear)
Ya want to turn me out, want to make me scream yo name
Ya want to be in full control, ya don't want me to maintain
Who do ya think ya are?! Actin' like you're in charge
Underestimatin' me, thinkin' that I don't go hard (oh oh)


(Verse 2: Poo Bear)
Looks like the table's turned. Did ya wantna tap out?!
My theory's been confirmed, I can tell by the sound
Ya want to take a break cuz I took yo breath away
What happened to all the talk?! Now ya don't got nothin' to say


(Verse 3: Tyga)
What ya about 5 5 , ya don't work no 9 to 5
A girl like ya prolly seen on a movie screen
Engagement rings, damn ya fine
That ass tho, I make all the time
Been busy ya know how I grind
Pull up I'mma slide it aside
Late night spend the night
Fuck it, bath soap, bed silk
Sheets match my fur pillows
Copperfield, feel good ya know it's real
High up this the high life
Player real check my high lights
Keep yo heels on with hindsight
Handcuffs rolling sex dice
Sex right, luv luv to night
Got a whole list things to do, do to ya
If it's alright, alright
Submissive ya could beg fo' it, beg fo' it!
Spread ya legs get ready fo' it
Yeah, ready fo' it
Get ready fo' it, she beg fo' it


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